Movie Check is coming =D

I'm almost finishing a simple app to submit as capstone projeto for Udacity Nanodegree. I had 1 month to write something acceptable and submit. I worked every weekday night and could face some small challenges. That was a good experience and I'd like to move forward with this project after the nanodegree. ________ Movie Check … Continue lendo Movie Check is coming =D


TURAP and a new publication

I received an email with a great news today about a paper that some great teachers and I wrote advocating the TURAP: _______________________ Dear Tássio De O. S Auad, We are pleased to inform you that your paper entitled “Improving the User Experience on Mobile Apps Through Data Mining” (#68) has been accepted for the … Continue lendo TURAP and a new publication

GameCheck Introduction

Since the beginning of this month, I've been working in a very simple open source project called GameCheck. It's a simple Android application to search videogames and its games. The main aim of this project is to show some skills, test new frameworks version, evaluate the experience provided by my design way (that I don't … Continue lendo GameCheck Introduction

Android My Audio Player 0.1v

Well...A few days ago, I was working in an app to listen podcasts and I needed an audio player. I decided to developed a small framework to do it and after open it. So, I openned my android audio player source: That's the version 0.1 and I'm working on a version 0.2 where we … Continue lendo Android My Audio Player 0.1v