É um conceito focado no design centrado no usuário onde ideias são validadas e feedbacks são recebidos em um modelo em menor escala do produto que você deseja fazer que pode acontecer em diversos níveis de detalhamento. A ideia da prototipação é de antecipar a natureza do produto sendo a equipe seja capaz de esboçar … Continue lendo Prototipação


Nielsen and Molish’s 10 UI Guidelines in Bullet Points

Visibility of System Status Provide informative feedback for all actions. Clear language. No tech-speak (proportional to the problem). No ambiguity. Keep the user informed about what is going on. Indicate progress in task performance. Match Between System and The Real World Mirror the language and concepts user would find in the real world based on … Continue lendo Nielsen and Molish’s 10 UI Guidelines in Bullet Points

Positive and Negative Transfer

Positive transfer happens when you start to do a task similar to a task that what you have already done. You are familiarized with that kind of task and can use an acquired ability or experience during perfoming of a task in performing another similar task. Negative transfer is the opposit, happens when you can't … Continue lendo Positive and Negative Transfer

Human Cognition

Each process has its own limitations, and the designers must to take care of it, relieving the user of tasks that over-burden them, simplifying tasks and providing a better user experience. Each cognition process are related to strengths and weaknesses of a user as we can see bellow: The design challenge: As a designer you … Continue lendo Human Cognition

A little about Interaction Design…

Interaction Design is focused on the user and its needs, trying to provide the best user experience during interactions. Interaction designers are to the field of design as architects are to the building industry. They are both concerned with ensuring people can move freely, safely and securely, that the features necessary for everyday living are … Continue lendo A little about Interaction Design…