GameCheck Introduction

Since the beginning of this month, I’ve been working in a very simple open source project called GameCheck. It’s a simple Android application to search videogames and its games. The main aim of this project is to show some skills, test new frameworks version, evaluate the experience provided by my design way (that I don’t think is good, I need to improve it urgently) and etc. It’s a project that gonna open some doors to study practical things and do experiments.

About frameworks, I ‘m going to use Dagger, Mockito for mock unit tests, JUnit for tradicional unit tests, Retrofit, Gson, Picasso, ButterKnife and Android Design Support Library. I’ve developed this project using MVP architecture and I’ve “programmed to an interface” to be able to do inversion of control. My view layer is the more passive as possible and in this way I can focus my unit tests on presenter and model layers. I like to strongly separate each layer and charge the presenter to call the other layers.

I’m gonna release the 0.1 version today, I’m just finishing some unit tests. There is the repository link below and some screens (it’s not beautiful =D). I created this category to post more about this simple app during the development. I will post news about the development (what I’m thinking during the development) and user experience experiments.

GitHub repository: link

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