Shneiderman’s Eight Golden Rules in my words

Strive for consistency -The users should feel familiar and comfortable with the digital landscape to achieve their goals more easily and we can reach this feeling keep standards and consistency in the layouts, icons and etc.

Enable frequent users to use shortcuts. The efficiency of the system can be improved through shortcuts. The users can achieve their goals more quickly.

Offer informative feedback. The system must to provide to the user feedback informations like “where you are” and “what is going on” at all times and these informations should be human-readable.

Poorly designed error messages often show an error-code that does not mean anything to the user. As a good designer you should always seek to give human-readable and meaningful feedback. – Interactin Design Foundation

Design dialogue to yield closure. Always feedback all users actions, telling them if it was successful or something wrong has happened.

Offer simple error handling. Systems should be designed to be fool-proof, but when a error happens, it should provide a simple message with intuitive step-by-step instructions to solve the problem. Don’t cause pain in the users! They don’t like be wrong or feel shame or feel as a fool!

Permit easy reversal of actions. Always permit to the users reset their actions with an obvious way.

Support internal locus of control. The users must to feel in control of everything to be comfortable. They can initiate an action, terminate this action or cancel it to do another thing.

Reduce short-term memory load. Don’t force the short-term memory of the users. Always help them to remember/recognize things through cues that help them reach into the vast memory. Avoid the overload of this kind of memory.

Human attention is limited and we are only capable of maintaining around five items in our short-term memory at one time. – Interaction Design Foundation


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Ben Shneiderman

Interaction Desgin Foundation – UI Design Patterns for Successful Software  (

by Michael Snyder / from


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