A little about Interaction Design…

Interaction Design is focused on the user and its needs, trying to provide the best user experience during interactions.

Interaction designers are to the field of design as architects are to the building industry. They are both concerned with ensuring people can move freely, safely and securely, that the features necessary for everyday living are accessible, and that all of the individual components provide a cohesive experience.- Interaction Design Foundation

If interaction design focus on user needs, user feeling and user smooth moviments between features, a big problem is design blindly, without know who we are designing for. It’s not always completly possible and, consequently, we can get another big problem that is design basing in our own thinking,  rather than what they actually want or need.

The Process of Interaction Design

The process has four stages and it can be repeated in a iterative process until all problems are eradicated and the user needs are satisfied and a good user experience are provided.

  1. Establishing Requirements – It’s important to answer question about the project in order to establish requirements. Some good questions to be done are:
    • What does the user need from the design?
    • How easy is it to use the system or product?
    • Does it fit the context?
    • Does it provide the user with sufficient means of completing their device or system-based aims and objectives?
    • Does it have superficial appeal?
  2. Designing Alternatives – All the process try to reach the best design to the user. So, if any problem is identified, an alternative design must to be done.
  3. Prototyping – In every phase of this iterative process, is important to prototype and trial your design. It’s importante to trial your design to ensure a good user experience and prototypes allow to test interactions with real users in a real context.
  4. Evaluating – It’s the sum of all the prior stages. The users opinions are considered and the use of prototype is observed and documented.


Interaction Design Foundation

by Anastassia Elias / from beautifuldecay.com


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