Android Gradle Plugin 2.2.0-alpha3 is missing zipalign

Today, I was trying to submit a new version of my app to Google Play and I received this message:


I’ve verified if I was submiting the debug version of my apk and I’ve confirmed that I was submiting the release version generate in Build > Generate Signed APK.  I’ve tried to use the  zipAlignEnabled true in the release buildType on gradle script but it has not worked.

So, why is it happening?

Simple, Its a problem in gradle plugin version 2.2.0-alpha3… This version doesn’t work well with the zipAlign. I’ve made some testes to check if this post that I’ve found is valid and it is.

With gradle 2.1.2 ZipAlign works fine;
With gradle 2.2.0-alpha2 ZipAlign works fine;
With gradle 2.2.0-alpha3 the APK is not zipaligned.
With gradle 2.2.0-alpha4 ZipAlign works fine, but it's still incompatible with AS2.2

Today was release the alpha4 version and the problem with the ZipAlign has desapeared, but when I debug my app I receive a warn about another problem :  It’s still not compatible with Android Studio 2.2 preview 3.

That’s another good post about this problem.

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